Sunday, February 22, 2004

Story of the DAY:

oh my gosh funny story, so today i had to take my brother to Borders and i was sitting in the parking lot of Petsmart with Sam listening to i think a story about Jeremy or "them" when i looked out my passenger side window and i saw Adam Watson. I just started freaking out and i was like oh my god theres Adam, with his dad. And then i came to realize that his dad is a celebrity, sort of because he coaches CU football. So then i was like oh my god i just saw Shawn Watson!!, I just saw a Celebrity!! OH my gosh they are all so cute. Adam's really hott but he's a sophmore, Aaron's really hott but he's an asshole, and his dad's cute but he's like 40. I'm so excited right now, i think i might cry i cant believe i saw them!!
So, today i have officially decided that when i am out of college i want to be one of two things: i either want to be a professional surf bum or join cirque du soleil. I want to be one of those weird ass contortionists or a trapeze artist. that would be freakin' awesome!! ya jasmine, you definately need to name at least one of your fish Timay. And by the way to all who care, i am OFFICIALLY done hanging out with Brendon and all of them. I dont have a crush on any of them any more and i have decided that they are really boring to hang out with. A typical day with Brendon and his group: first we meet at one of there houses where Sam and i watch them play either Halo, or Grand theft auto vice city. Then we proceed to go to either Flatirons or Twin Peaks, but wait before that we will either go to Chipotle or Qdoba. After watching them eat we will follow them to the mall. Then we will walk in front of them and wait for them to finish picking whatever shit they want out for each other. Then we will all sit down in front of Dillards, or JC Penny and think of something else to do which somehow always ends up being going back to someone's house and watching them play Halo or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. So that's why i dont want to hang out with them, because they are boring as hell. Plus Adam Watson is A LOT cuter than all of them combined (not to be shallow or anything).

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